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Distance Learning

Distance learning, or online learning, is an alternative route to studying for a degree at a university in the UK and gives your studies more flexibility, which may suit your circumstances.


Applying for a distance learning or online degree works a little differently than if you were applying to a campus-based course.

There are still entry requirements you need to meet to get on to a particular course, though these tend to be less rigid. Universities appreciate that applicants take a variety of routes to distance learning, and the entry requirements they set will reflect this. A course may have both ‘academic’ and ‘work experience requirements, or a university may ask you about your background, education history and qualifications, English language ability etc., to assess your eligibility and study options.

If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for a course, or you have any other admissions-related queries, get in touch with our admission team.


As well as completing an online application, you may have to provide one or more of the following as well:

  • your personal statement  – this is where you talk about your interest in your chosen subject, as well as how your skills and experience make you a suitable candidate
  • References – these could be academic, like a tutor or head of year, or professional, like a manager or supervisor. Carefully read any requirements for these.
  • academic transcripts or certificates – if you no longer have these, you can get copies from your exam boards (for a fee). If you don’t know which exam boards you were assessed by, speak to your old school or college.
  • English language certificate (international students only) – each course will have their own requirements

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