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Work Visas

The UK Work Visa categories are for migrants who want to work and live in the UK. Most of the work-based categories are part of the UK’s Points-Based System (PBS) for immigration. Each category within the system has its own purpose, criteria and requirements. The PBS has been developed to help the UK to manage its migration programme more effectively and attract the most talented workers.

To secure a work visa or a work permit for the UK, in most cases, you will need to have a job offer from an employer with a sponsor licence. There are some exceptions to this, however, including the high potential individual (HPI) visa, and the graduate visa, as explained below. After Brexit, EU nationals who wish to work in the UK must also apply for a work visa or work permit. However, EU nationals with Pre-Settled or Settled Status under the EU settlement scheme do not require a work visa or permit to work in the UK.

Work Visas

Other Work Permits UK

Those who wish to work in the UK can also consider applying for a business visa (e.g. Innovator visa or Start-up visa), allowing them to establish and work in their own innovative business. If you are unsure of the best work visa route for your needs, how to get a work visa in the UK, or whether you qualify, speak to an immigration adviser at Cartier Enterprises today, who will be pleased to advise you based on your specific circumstances.

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