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Global Business Mobility Visas

Global Business Mobility visas have been introduced by the UK government in an attempt to simplify current work visa and business visa routes and bring them together under one umbrella. The new visa routes offer several options that, subject to meeting the relevant eligibility criteria, an overseas-based employee can use to transfer their employment to the UK on either a short-term or longer-term basis.

The available routes for transferring employees to the UK from overseas have changed with the introduction of five types of Global Business Mobility visas.

Global Business Mobility Visas

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Global Business Mobility visa opportunities

The Global Business Mobility visa will provide more opportunities for international businesses, UK employers, and individuals looking to work and do business in the UK.

With the requirement for sponsorship, UK Sponsorship Licence lawyers say now is not the time to ignore the need to:

  • Apply for your first sponsor licence
  • Renew your sponsor licence
  • Comply with sponsor licence reporting and recording duties
  • Manage your sponsor licence in accordance with the immigration rules and Home Office guidance.

How Our Immigration Advisers Can Help with Global Mobility Visas

Securing the right type of visa for your employees can be complicated. It is important to understand which type of visa an employee needs in order to meet all of the eligibility requirements. You must also complete all of the required paperwork correctly and include all the necessary supporting documents.

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